Candy candy slot game the newest candy slot

Candy candy slot game, the newest candy slot. Play candy slots game from the new camp Spade Gaming. Easy to play. Bonus breaks quickly. Paying up to x8000 times! Hunt for bonuses with new shuffled challenges. Go with these cute candy PG SLOT symbols. With a game called Candy candy, a new game from Spade Gaming, this is one of the games that players love to rate that it’s easy to play, pays for real, and is an easy slot to break. The payout is up to x8000 times! If you want to get to know a new game from this hot camp to more Let’s look at the review of the slot game together.

CANDY CANDY slot game easy to break slot spade Gaming camp

Spadegaming camp is a new and hot camp. that are getting a lot of current Which one of the games that people play the most is the Candy PG SLOT game. This game has many slot game reviews that guarantee the same voice that it is easy to play, pays heavy bonuses. No matter who has played, you must love it until you come to spin and make profits repeatedly without boredom. CANDY CANDY is open for free slots trials now if you are not sure how to invest in new slots games. How profitable will it be? try to play to see the game’s payout first now.


Candy Candy Spadegaming is a candy-themed slot game. The theme selection is quite different from other candy games. First of all, this PG SLOT game has a winter theme. filled with white snow But even then, the game does not leave a bright side. of being a candy in any way A purple wheel surrounded by delicious marshmallows. The background music makes it feel exciting. to spin the wheel It will definitely make you enjoy your journey to find new bonuses.


when starting to spin You will find symbols that pay PG SLOT bet6 out many prizes. But most notably, there are 5 different colors of candy, red, orange, purple, green and blue. At level 1 it pays you 8000, 6000, 600, 80 and 40 respectively. That is, these symbols have a total of 3 levels. In level 2, the candy symbol has a white stripe.

And it pays you 10000, 7000, 700, giniloh 100 and 45. On level 3, candy symbols are wrapped and pay you 10000, 8000, 800, 120 and 50. This game pays a bonus of up to 8000 times your stake. RTP at 96.6%, considered new to play. that should not be missed!

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