Can it be fixed or not if the double eyelids have grown too big?

corrective surgery “Double eyelid surgery” that has been done before and made a mistake or wants to change even though it can be done. But not every case and first must find out the cause. Why did this happen? 

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So as not to blame the doctor for not doing it well because there are actually many reasons such as miscommunication, for example, if you want the doctor to do it, the eyes look like they have grown up But the communication made the doctor understand that he needed big eyelids. Or with the wrong values ​​or wrongly implanted until it arises from ignorance. together with lack of doctor’s experience like many decades ago Asian people have single eyelids but want double eyelids. that makes the eyes look bigger like Europeans Therefore, it is popular to make Asian eyes look like Westerners. together with cosmetic surgery Just started in Thailand How to do eye surgery I will use the method that I learned how to make eyelids in Western style, making the eyelids bigger, deeper into the eye sockets, which does not look suitable for Thai people’s eyes. because it makes you look older Until later it was found that the correct eye That is to make the eyes look like Asian people (Asian beauty or Oriental beauty), not making the eyes look Westernized (Westernized eyes), which this concept has been accepted for more than 30 years that we want to make eyes. Two layers that are suitable for Thai faces. It’s not too big eyelids like westerners. biographyer

Surgery by wanting to make eyes like “F” is doing Western eyes. As mentioned above, that has been discontinued for a long time. But it was published again. Without knowing the reason, it may be because the doctor just went to training. or study from western countries new generation doctors to study this technique Like old doctors 40-50 years ago, but modern communication technology Makes me understand that it is a good and new technique. Both the surgeon The decoration famous for making Asian eyes all over the world has long ceased to be used.

creating this value It’s like the world turns back to the beginning of eye surgery again. Causing more and more patients to come to see to correct the double eyelid. The creation of this value Maybe by revealing the pictures after the double eyelid surgery that the eyes look bigger. In fact, it must be known that We can make our eyes look bigger by There is no need to have big eyelids.

The next cause is an error that may be caused by the inexperience of the doctor, such as setting the incision line too high in the first place. Or cut too many eyelids, leaving the eyelids to cover the lower layer Or the doctor removes too much fat from the eye, understanding that he wants to reduce the swelling of the eyelids as the patient wants, despite the swelling of the eyelids in that case. It may be caused by other reasons.

For the last cause which is very important nowadays. That is, it can happen by The doctor did not intend The doctor has enough experience to do so. I intended to do Asian eyes, but the results weren’t that way. Because the patient’s eye anatomy is not normal like a normal patient’s eye which can occur in all types of surgery. These important anatomy include exophthalmoses, sunken eyes, thin eyelids with little fat. Congenital or later when older, and finally, the patient has a hidden eye muscle weakness. Without knowing it and doctors can’t detect this symptom first (Subclinical ptosis)

 These eye features are something the surgeon should be aware of. and patients should be aware first in order to be careful when choosing a doctor who will perform the surgery Because this feature would indicate that There is a chance that the eyelid adhesion is higher than the incision line. The eyelid of the southern doctor always even if the fat is not removed makes both the patient and Doctors worry about the results of the surgery. that does not meet the expectation that will occur, namely, the eyelids are larger than desired

 Current medical science Able to correct eyelid surgery that grows beyond birth Or who has had surgery and the upper eyelid has grown quite well but cannot guarantee that it will be done for every case or some may need to be revised several times Because problems after surgery are complex and varied. It depends on tissue damage, especially the eye muscles. that may be destroyed by ignorance or inattention which the surgeon performs the surgery Internal damage cannot be assessed. By looking at the external appearance of the eyes alone Sometimes the outside looks good, not much damage But the tissues to be fixed have been destroyed. But most patients who have been found It can usually be fixed except through several attempts to correct it incorrectly. The difficulty increases.

Corrective surgery method

If the original cut line is too high The doctor will have to make an incision line to define a new layer. lower It is necessary to leave the original incision. in order to have enough skins left to cover the eyelids to make them smaller after surgery When you close your eyes, you may see the same incision as a faint line, but it will gradually get better. After removing the layer from the cut line What about eye correction surgery that has been done that is the most important thing? Must completely remove the adhesion of the original layer. which requires a lot of knowledge and experience to cut in the right position because the tissue will be a firmly attached fascia There is a chance that the misalignment will lead to more injuries. And will increase the damage of the important eye muscles even more (Levator aponeurosis) and if the original layer cannot be completely removed, new attachment will occur. There is a chance to see the original crease in three layers, which must be corrected. More in patients with a lot of skin left. And can cut off the old leather and incisions. Fixing is very easy. The chance of spawning three layers is low. But be careful that Will there be left skin to cover the layer to be as small as desired or not in the case of the double eyelid enlargement after surgery? It is often found that opening the eyes can be done less than before. Lowering the eyelids together with strengthening the eye muscles. will make the patients who come for eyelid surgery that have grown too big get more benefits. The eyes look round and enlarged in many patients The surgeon performing the revision surgery may need to use the patient’s fat. added to the shell eyes to make the eyes look less deep and look fuller It also prevents new adhesion of the original eyelid as well This fat may be taken in small pieces or sucked from the abdomen for injection. depending on the consideration of the doctor

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